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About Magic Wall 5000

Do you want to have a well built knee wall inside your house? Well, our Magic Wall 5000 series is the right choice for you. We made this series for all home owners who want to have clear and full windows views. We know that homeowners today want to have well improved house that comes with a refreshing atmosphere. So, with our 5000 series, they can make their house a better place to spend a lifetime with. Aside from that, it will also make their house more attractive than ever.

We release and offer our 5000 series along with 4000 series to all those people who want to enhance the structure of their house. Actually, our 5000 series let homeowners in gaining great comfort in the solid knee wall that it incorporates. It will surely keep the overall views along with retractable windows that provide great ventilation. If you will compare this to 4000 series, you will see that our 5000 series is very different from it. If 4000 series focuses on providing clear ceiling and windows, here in our 5000 series, the main focus of it is to offer a well built and clear knee wall. In fact, knee wall is one of the significant factors that a house should have due to the extra beauty that it provides.

The solid knee wall of it is composed of great durability that will never give you stressful issues. While you are working beside this knee wall, you can give yourself a time to rest in staring at the beautiful views outside your house. Because it is made of tough materials, it can surely last for many years. However, just like the old times, you must still keep it clean so that the features and durability of it will never fade.

The 5000 series that we provide also provide major views along with great ventilation. Through our solid knee wall or insulated panel, we can give your 100 percent assurance that it can improve the appearance and accessibility of your room. Our 5000 series have several features below, and these are:

  • Discretionary energy that is capable in controlling acrylic windows
  • Insulated clear knee wall
  • 75 percent well ventilated in comparing to the traditional sunrooms
  • Copious retractable 3 and 4 track windows

When you have this kind of sunroom series in your house, you can assure to yourself that this is the kind of house that can really meet your needs and interest. Because it allows you to see widely what’s on the outside, you can spend the rest of your day near it to breathe fresh air and get relieved from stress. It is also possible that the solid knee wall of it will protect you and your family from any serious accidents.

Our 5000 series is being offered in the price that anyone can really afford. Actually, we made this series not only for wealthy ones but also for those individuals who are living with a very simple lifestyle. Try to call us and have our 5000 series today. We will assure you that you we can really meet your overall expectancies.


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