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About Magic Wall Sunrooms

Solara Industries is the manufacturer of Magic Wall Sunrooms. Our magic wall sunrooms are made for all seasons. Most homeowners who already use our product really gained great happiness and protection from dangerous insects. It is really made more stylish in order to help you and other people to improve the in and out appearance of your house.

Actually, our magic wall system is the best product to use if you want your home to have a clear and relaxing ambiance. You can easily have our magic wall sunroom at a reasonable price and you can immediately enjoy looking at your garden and the nature around you. It can also provide limitless views and great comfort while you are spending your weekends in your house. Aside from that, it provides 75 percent more ventilation.

The magic wall sunrooms that we are offering are well retractable. In just one press in the lock and slide, your 3 to 4 track acrylic window systems will let you make your room or house fully ventilated. Our magic wall proffers additional amenities such as:

  • Brighten your house through its removable wall system. You can open your room is the world of peace nature that your dream off for years.
  • Soak up the rays of the sun along with wide ranging views.
  • You can really enjoy the nature due to its 75 percent more ventilations.
  • You and your family can stay in a stress free house through the help of our maintenance free sunroom system.
  • Save money with our affordable magic wall.
  • Provide great comfortable feeling in any seasons that may come. Our patented wall system provides relaxing and comfortable feeling in any seasons. You can let the sun rays to enter in your house through its manageable walls and close it at night times.
  • Provide easy process in creating your own private escape.

Furthermore, our magic wall sunroom is made more beautiful and tough so that it will meet the interest and needs of our clients. The custom made design that it includes provide superior assurance that it will make your house bizarre and refreshing to stay at. This magic wall sunroom also comes in energy series wherein it let you to make your personalize sunroom in any climates. Our well insulated vinyl sunroom delivers extreme security and safety from our mother nature. It is the perfect room for you primarily if you want to have great ambiance for your room.

One thing is for sure when you purchase our magic wall sunrooms. It will provide your house with long lasting comfort and ambiance. You will never have disappointments on our magic wall sunrooms because aside from it is so affordable, it will also provide you lots of benefits that you really need.


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